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About St. Helen's School:

School Uniforms

Uniforms will begin on Monday, September 11th. Students in uniform represent their school and we hope all Searchers will take pride in wearing their uniform well.


Here are some important updates and reminders regarding our uniform policy:

  • All (primary and intermediate) students may wear P.E uniform on their allocated gym days (unless there is mass or an important event)

  • All uniform pieces can be purchased through McCarthy uniforms or online at
  • Full formal uniform refers to dress pants, kilt or tunic; yellow polo shirt and knitted school sweater in the form of cardigan, pull over or vest

  • All socks must be navy blue or black, gym socks included ("no-show" socks are not accepted)

  • Shoes on uniform days must be all black or navy blue

  • Hair accessories must be black, navy or tartan

  • School sweaters, gym or formal (dependant on uniform that day), must be at school every day

  • No visible extra layers are to be added to the uniform (tights under gym shorts, extra shirts under the uniform shirts)

  • Tights worn with kilts or tunics must have feet

  • Students are allowed to wear the St. Helen's Centennial apparel as part of their uniform

  • Summer uniform, including shorts and skorts, may be worn until Remembrance Day

  • Uniform items must be in good condition and free from holes

  • Kilts and tunics must be appropriate length (lower thigh and longer)

We are committed to providing the best environment possible to foster student success. We believe that the implementation of our uniform policy supports this goal. Students will be reminded of any uniform violations with a yellow slip.


St. Helen's believes that a school uniform is an identifying symbol of a particular school with its own individual characteristics. It identifies a child as a student of St. Helen's School and should be worn with pride. A student's personal appearance impacts on their attitude as well as their behavior and thus the learning process. The purpose of having and enforcing a uniform is to create uniformity whereby diminishing social and cosmetic differences that attract undue attention to individual students. In school the student is encouraged to draw on their inner strengths to express their creativity and personal self.

  • Girls:

    • St. Helen's tunic (Gr. K mandatory / Gr. 1-3 optional)
    • St. Helen's kilt (Gr. 4-7 mandatory / Gr. 1-3 optional), navy blue knee socks or tights.
    • Navy blue cotton twill pants
    • Navy blue skort, navy blue (above ankle) socks,
    • (Optional Summer uniform)
  • Boys:

    • Navy blue cotton twill pants.
    • Navy blue walking shorts, navy blue (above ankle) socks,
    • (Optional Summer uniform)
  • Girls & Boys:

    • Light yellow polo shirt
    • Navy blue St. Helen's sweater.
    • Black or navy dress type shoes or runners, preferably soft soled (no stripes, logo's etc.)
  • P.E. Uniform:

    • St. Helen's gym uniform consists of St. Helen's shorts and
    • T-shirts (white socks at the discretion of the teacher) and running shoes.

It is expected that all uniform items will be those supplied by McCarthy Uniforms (1050 Boundry Road). Exceptions will be made only on an individual basis for reasons such as fabric allergies, size availability, etc.


All students from Kindergarten through Grade Seven are expected to be in full uniform at all times. If for unforeseeable circumstances, the child/children are unable to be in uniform, they must bring a note to their teachers giving the reason. Parents are strongly advised to put their child's name, on ALL uniform items, in some permanent fashion.

On the first occasion a child is not in uniform without a note, or if the child's appearance is determined as unacceptable, a note will be sent home to the parents outlining the problem. If the problem is ongoing, and no special consideration has been given to the specific situation, the parents will be called and the child/children will be suspended. The suspension will remain in place until the situation is rectified. Any time missed will have to be made up at the school's convenience.

Sweaters are worn daily at the discretion of the child BUT the child must bring it to school every day so that it is available to be put on for school gatherings, masses, field trips etc.

Based on the school's philosophy of uniform, there are expectations regarding personal grooming and accessories at school and during school related functions. Predicting ever changing fashion statements is impossible, therefore, the following are only some examples of these expectations:

Girls: No extreme haircuts, styles, coloring and/or bleaching of hair, no extreme accessories, no makeup, maximum one earring/earlobe - studs or sleepers only, no other body piercing or tattoos, no nail polish, skirts to be a modest length, shoe heel height not to exceed 1 - 1/2" or 3 centimeters.

Boys: No extreme haircuts, styles, coloring and/or bleaching of hair, no extreme accessories, no earrings, body piercing or tattoos.

It is the prerogative of the Education Committee to measure these expectations and the responsibility of the Principal to see they are enforced. All decisions made by the committee are final and subject to the terms of the Parent/Guardian Letter of Commitment signed at the time of admission.